Ever felt like a fish out of water when it comes to grain marketing?

You read or hear market commentary or join in a conversation... and it all kind of goes over your head.

Your husband talks about what types of contracts he's considering... and you're lost.

You're an ag industry professional and one of your farmer customers starts talking about the markets...and you quickly try to change the subject because you're way out of your comfort zone.

Can you relate?

You're not alone.

Students in the three cohorts before felt the same way you do right now, decided it was time to change that, and enrolled in Cash Grain Marketing 101.

See what they had to say about their experience in the course:

"My brain literally shuts off when the words “grain marketing” are spoken. BUT I found this class that Britany is teaching. I started today and am on lesson three and am actually learning something!!! If this is an area you’re looking to gain some knowledge and understanding around, definitely check it out!"

"This course actually exceeded my expectations particularly in the amount of links to quality grain marketing information- from trend analysis of corn and soybean pricing to the spreadsheet that you developed for us to track pricing, etc. I was not expecting to have tangible resources to use but I can see that these will stick with me and prove helpful for a long time to come."

"It will make you feel more comfortable about asking questions, taking part in conversations and even making recommendations for marketing your grain."

"This course provided a solid foot in the door to take over the purchase and contract making decisions for an operation. It was presented in a straightforward manner with realistic expectations for getting through it in a timely manner."

You can feel confident & comfortable with the basics of grain marketing too!

In Cash Grain Marketing 101, the goal is for you to build your foundational grain marketing knowledge.

No prior grain marketing knowledge or experience necessary!

Through this course, I'll teach you the basics, and in turn, you will finally feel confident having conversations about grain marketing with your farmer, grain buyer, commodity broker, and neighbors.

As far as content goes, we're not going to dive into complex topics like put and call options and hedging in this course (that's what the Grain Marketing 201 course is for!).

Before diving into those topics, you need to feel comfortable and confident with your knowledge of grain marketing basics first.

And that's exactly what Cash Grain Marketing 101 is here to do-- build your grain marketing foundational knowledge.

Through pre-recorded lessons you can take at your own pace and on your own time, we'll break down futures quotes, cash bid sheets, and learn how to track cash bids.

You'll also gain an understanding of the different cash contract types and how to determine when to sell, what price to sell at, and how to sell grain in the cash market.

You're going to learn ALL the fundamentals.

And to help solidify the concepts, this course is equipped with quizzes, a spreadsheet template for tracking cash bids, and downloadable resources ready for you to print out and keep handy.

What's included in the investment?

Cash Grain Marketing 101 is $199. This gets you access to all the course content and downloadable quizzes and resources for one year!

If you're interested gaining the most well-rounded understanding of both cash grain marketing and hedging using futures and options, the ULTIMATE Grain Marketing Package bundle is what you'll want to check out.

It's $375 (saving you $$ versus enrolling in both separately!) and gets you access to both the Cash Grain Marketing 101 and Grain Marketing 201 course content and all downloadable resources for one year.

An Inside look at the Curriculum

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  Module 1 | Feel comfortable with the components of a futures quote & cash grain bid sheet
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  Module 2 | Learn how to track cash bids and basis levels
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  Module 3 | Understand the when, where, what, & how behind making grain sales
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  What's next?
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Hi, I’m Britany, also known as the Farm Girl Next Door!

I grew up on a row crop farm in Nebraska and now farm corn, soybeans, and alfalfa with my husband not all that far from where I grew up. Professionally, I've worked in grain origination, merchandising, and ag tech.

I'm constantly learning more about different pieces of our farming operation, and I'm a firm believer that everyone involved in an operation needs to understand the fundamentals of grain marketing. After all, that's how you make money for what you work so hard to produce each year!

A couple years back while I was stopping on farms and helping farmers market their grain, I noticed a lack of understanding around basic grain marketing concepts. After seeing this time and time again, I realized there wasn't a good place for farmers, their spouses, land owners, or Ag professionals to go to learn the basics.

Because of that, I created Farm Girl Next Door. As my little space on the internet grew, I recognized a need for more hands on learning beyond blogs, emails and social media posts.

So that's how we got here, to Cash Grain Marketing 101, friends!

If you feel like you're standing at the starting line and not quite sure how to take the first step to learn more about grain marketing, you're right where you need to be.

Join me in Cash Grain Marketing 101, and we'll take the first step together.